Conceptual Model

Characteristics of the Curriculum

The curriculum focuses on developing students’ communication skills in both English and Japanese. Students select desired programs in pursuit of more specialized communication skills, which allow them upon graduation to employ these advanced skills and specialized knowledge in their career choice.
In the first semester of their first year, students are enrolled in the Freshman Seminar, a course that enhances Japanese language skills and facilitates their smooth transition into the demands of university life.
Coursework over the first two years is rigorous and focused on the development of five critical skills: speaking, reading, writing, thinking, and researching. From the second half of the second year and into the third and fourth years, students begin selecting one or more specialized programs of study and choose courses organized around a particular area of study that they develop an interest in. Prior to graduation in the fourth year, all students undertake a research program and complete a graduation thesis on a topic of their choice and under the supervision of their selected professor.